If you are pregnant, or wondering if you are, there are numerous resources available to help you find out what you need to know and make decisions. Care-Net is a nation-wide network of pregnancy resource centers established to provide assistance to women such as yourself. Care-Net Big Rapids (231-796-4919) provides pregnancy testing and trained peer-counselors who can help to answer questions you may have.

A second resource available to you is Bethany Christian Services (1-800-BETHANY), an organization offering adoption services as well as more general counseling services regarding all the options available to you. If you need help right away, you may call the help line 1-800-395-HELP any time of the day or night, or visit Option Line online at where you may also make contact via email or instant messaging.

We want to encourage you to choose life for your child, not abortion. You might not have thought of it this way before, but pregnancy means that you are now responsible for a life besides your own – a unique individual very much alive in your womb. Whether your pregnancy is planned, unplanned, or even a result of sexual abuse, your child is a precious gift to you. Please feel free to contact us any time if there is any way we can be of assistance to you.