What we Believe


As our name implies, we believe that each individual has a God-given Right to Life. Human beings have worth that an animal does not have because we possess an eternal soul and spirit. We were created in the image of God, and the price of our redemption has been paid by the Son of God – these impart worth to each human being.

We believe that a person's worth is inherent, and not predicated by their size, location, environment, development, or ability. We believe that neither science nor philosophy provide any grounds for supposing that a child in the womb is any less a human being than a child outside the womb.

Finally, we believe that every woman and girl experiencing an unplanned pregnancy should have options and be able to make an informed decision regarding those options. Abortions are producing serious long-term consequences in the lives of millions of women, and they have a right to know about them.